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Warren Egnal
May 1, 2020 | Warren Egnal

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New Zealand is about much more than Sauvignon Blanc. DouxVin’s friend, Graham Painter, founder of New Zealand Wine Navigator, set out on a mission to find and export to the US Market some of the greatest NZ wines you’ve never heard of. Together with Master Sommelier Cameron Douglas, they have done just that, offering “The Finest Small Case Production Wines of New Zealand.”
As we move through Spring and into Summer, NZ wines are a perfect match for warmer weather with refreshing whites and enlivening reds. DouxVin is pleased to have composed a couple of special collections reflecting some of the best wines in the NZ Wine Navigator portfolio.

As a special incentive to introduce you to wines that are likely to be new discoveries, we have worked with Graham to offer these collections at 35% off regular prices for a limited time.
New Zealand

Our previous New Zealand 12-Pack contains one bottle of each:

The Whites
• 2015 Alex Gold Pinot Gris
• 2015 Brightwater Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc
• 2017 Drumsara Pinot Grigio
• 2017 Neudorf Sauvignon Blanc
• 2012 Ostler Vineyards Riesling
• 2013 The Darling Chardonnay
The Reds
• 2014 Alex Gold Pinot Noir
• 2016 Clearview Cape Kidnappers Syrah
• 2015 Ceres Composition Pinot Noir
• 2013 Drumsara Pinot Noir
• 2016 Mills Reef Elspeth Cabernet Blend (Gimblett Gravels)
• 2015 Ostler Vineyards Caroline’s Pinot Noir

Let me put together a mixed case for you.





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