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Warren Egnal
August 17, 2021 | Warren Egnal

Wine Is Not A Drink; It's An Experience

Food For Thought Event
More than a drink, Wine is an experience. With unlimited choices it can also be intimidating.

Join me as I sit down for a talk with Roman Polnar as part of Hebrew Free Loan's series,"Food For Thought." It was an entertaining conversation and I was able to share my insights into enjoying the adventure of discovering and procuring great wines regardless of taste or budget.

I offered, what I believe, is a fresh perspective on the world of wine, how to create and enjoy memorable wine experiences, and share my own story about changing careers to start DouxVin, my experience-focused wine business.
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Warren Egnal
June 5, 2021 | Warren Egnal

A Sojourn Down the Loire

Henri Bourgeois
Sancerre is renowned for white wine and is one of the world’s benchmarks for Sauvignon Blanc. However, the Sancerre experience is incomplete without savoring the two red varietals allowed in the region: Pinot Noir and Pineau D’Aunis. One of our favorite producers in Sancerre, Famille Bourgeois, produces extraordinary wines from all three of these varietals featured in this splendid collection.
The Big Family
Famille Bourgeois, now in its 11th generation, covers 72 hectares of the esteemed Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé appellations, located in the most desired of Sancerre locations, Chavignol. And yes, Chavignol goat cheese and Sancerre Blanc are a perfect food pairing. Today, Arnaud, Lionel, and Jean-Christophe Bourgeois are just as much the stewards of that history as the initiators of the future of the vines and wines of the house. Though the family is forever striving to perfect their craft, they remain committed to Henri’s original vision of showcasing the purity of the varietals and the unique beauty of the Loire Valley.
2016 Bourgeois ‘La Bourgeoise’ Sancerre Blanc
"La Bourgeoise" is made from old Sauvignon vines growing on flinty slopes first worked by the monks of Saint Satur. The old vines of Domaine Henri Bourgeois offer a distinct character with notes as aromatically diverse and complex as the rugged terrain from which they came. 

93 points Wine Spectator

Sancerre Rouge
2016 Bourgeois ‘Les Baronnes’ Sancerre Rouge
The beautiful Sancerre Rouge is made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes from 40 year old vines. Following fermentation the wine spends up to 10 months in Tronçais oak barrels. On the nose, black cherries and vanilla with a hint of mint. On the palate, medium-bodied and slightly spicy with savory notes and balanced acidity.

90 points Wine Spectator

2016 Bourgeois ‘Le Vert-Galant’ Pineau d’Aunis Rosé
An excellent Rosé from the Coteaux du Vendômois, the northernmost appellation of the Loire Valley. Made in a vin-gris style, this wine is beautiful, crisp and ideal to imbibe on a warm summer day.




Warren Egnal
June 28, 2020 | Warren Egnal

A Special Collection For A Special Day

My Image
The 4th of July holds special significance for me for two key reasons. Firstly, growing up in Johannesburg, July 4 was a special date that we always celebrated, as it was my parent’s wedding anniversary. My father, a true wine aficionado and avid collector, would bring out a bottle or three for the family to share on this auspicious date, especially for me and my siblings, as we are the living embodiment of that July day in 1963!
My Image

Trevor & Mimi

When I arrived in the US in 1985, settling first in LA, I joined in the unique celebration of America’s independence, I learned to appreciate all that makes our country and system such a shining example to the world. As millions have done before me, after officially becoming a citizen many years ago, July 4 is not only a celebration of the American spirit and our values, but, personally, embodies a new home, a welcoming place to build a future, a broad canvas on which to live a full, free and rewarding life. These past 35 years have been truly amazing and, as usual, this coming 4th of July celebration will be another special day to celebrate this special American adventure.

In recognition of those that have come to America over the centuries, I’ve composed a collection of wine from around the world (and one from here of course) to celebrate our diversity and adventurous spirit, bottles I intend to share with friends on the 4th.

This six-pack collection is a great accompaniment to the traditional outdoor festivities, from backyard barbecues to picnics watching fireworks:
  • France: NV Champagne Palmer & Co. Brut Reserve
  • Austria: 2017 Kracher Pinot Gris Trocken
  • Portugal: 2016 Quinta de la Rosa Estate White
  • Italy: 2018 Elena Walch Lagrein
  • Argentina: 2018 Zuccardi Q Malbec
  • USA: 2013 Terra Valentine Amore
Happy Fourth!
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