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GGWS 2018 Jacques Dumont Sancerre Rosé 6-Pack

GGWS 2018 Jacques Dumont Sancerre Rosé 6-Pack

Exclusively offered to Golden Gate Wine Society members, DouxVin is pleased to offer this immaculate Jacques Dumont Sancerre Pinot Noir Rosé 6-Pack case.

The magic of a great bottle of wine is that it can be so singular in character, it could have come from nowhere else. Sancerre, the most famous of the Loire’s appellations, is made only in the hills and valleys of the 14 villages and 3 hamlets surrounding the commune that lent its name to the region.

It is almost impossible to talk about Sancerre without talking about the famous Kimmeridgian limestone. The soils of Sancerre are part of the same geological formation that makes up much of the Champagne and Chablis regions. The subtle complexities, nuances, and minerality of Sancerre wines, white, rosé and red alike, is distinctive and clearly says “these wines can only be from this place”.

Jacques Dumont is a 4th generation grower and winemaker, working land in the hills just southeast of the commune of Sancerre. His wines are what you’d classically expect from the best of Sancerre but with a character all their own. Dumont farms vineyards on the southeast side of Sancerre on soils rich with silex, the clay-flint composition that lends his wines an expression of local terroir, texture and complexity.

Pinot Noir is the red grape of the region, the basis of the great rosés and reds oft overshadowed by the Sauvignon Blancs for which the region is best known. Don’t believe the myths about the age-ability of rosé. The best, especially rosé of Pinot Noir from Northern France, show best with a year or two in bottle and can continue to age effortlessly.

2018 Jacques Dupont, Rosé of Pinot Noir, Sancerre

A textbook example of finely made Sancerre rosé; remarkable purity, nuance and intrigue. One that is oh so difficult to keep your hands off when you have a few bottles in the cellar. If there was any debate, this wine offers exact proof that there is so much more than the characterless, technologically made pale pinks often found across Provence (with clear exceptions of course).

The wine sings with blood orange, strawberry and peach tones backed by a subtle spice and a bright, mineral finish. The palate is broad and richly textured, yet vibrant with a refreshing lightness. An excellent match with the tried and true regional pairing; fresh goat cheese, as well as rich fish and poultry dishes.

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